Erotic Poetry


i want you so far

inside of my body

that even king arthur

could not pull you out.



holy fuck man

i just exploded

all over myself.


and now i’m

already back

for seconds.



i want you to tie

my beautiful body up

and gag my mouth

and kiss my neck

and hear me moan

and spank my butt

until you fuck it

so hard that we actually

generate a small earthquake.



they cannot express

how nefarious and

animalistic my

desires truly are.


i can only dream

and truly hope that

every single human

who reads this is horny.


please come to my room

so i can worship you

and fuck you like

the world’s about to end.



cover me in

cum while your

cute body rustles under the



dark closet

it’s too dark

in here,

the closet,

so please

free me.


please illuminate

my entire life.

open the doorknob

(aka my knob),

and then enslave me.


then take me to

your manly


bend me over

on your bed.


how i want to die

i want millions of

the sexiest men

in the entire universe

to gather up just for me,

line up one-by-one to

take off their shirt,

run my hands across their abs,

kiss my lips like

i’m the love of their life

and lock eyes with mine

as they put

their magical 13-inch cocks

so far down

my gaping throat

that they splatter

all over my esophagus

and then pump their penises

in and out of my mouth

until I have satisfied myself

by swallowing

every single drop

of their cum.


surely i’d die

from the record

amount of semen

flowing inside of me

that i sucked, earned, and

swallowed out of these men.

and then i would know

as my licked the tip

of the last man

in line that i

just made it

to paradise.


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