Your Trump Trash Talk Sucks

Even if Donald Trump were the nicest, most LGBTQ+ friendly, least sexist, and least racist presidents in American history, he’d still easily be one of the worst.

So please stop talking about identity politics to his supporters; it’s not effective. Talk about his terrible economic policies. Talk about how he’s filling, not draining, “The Swamp.” Talk about how he’s our worst diplomat ever. Talk about how he’s nothing more than a corrupt, low-IQ, pro-establishment neocon politician. The list goes on.

Trump fans: Please give me

even just one good thing

you think he has done.

done, and I

will happily

obliterate your

argument piece-by-piece.



I Dream

I dream of a world wherein

gays aren’t suppressed, oppressed, or hence depressed.

I dream of a world wherein

sexuality isn’t relevant to politics, religion, or social issues.

I dream of a world wherein

“identity politics” and “LGBTQ rights” are obsolete terms.

I dream of a world wherein

we aren’t divided by arbitrary, socially constructed labels.

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