Why I Refused to be LGBTQ+ in Texas

Because I was a “fag” for being a “feminist Bernie cocksucker.”

Because I was a “flaming pussy” for wearing yellow shoes.

Because I was only valedictorian due to having “zero friends.”

Because I was told I get “no pussy” solely for posting art on Insta.

Because I was a “gay nigger-lover” for loving Frank Ocean & Moonlight.

Because, while these were the ones I wrote down, I heard worse.

Because, due to this relentless bullying, I was desperate to be straight.

Sorry for the vulgarity; I wanted you to see what it was actually like.

What it was like dealing with the worst of racists in suburban Texas.

I wanted you to know why my mind REFUSED to be remotely gay.

I hope it was eye-opening—that I persevered the hell, the existential crises, the bipolar disorder mania, & anxiety. I hope it was inspiring.

Thank you for reading. Please like, follow, share, etc. if you can. ❤

11 thoughts on “Why I Refused to be LGBTQ+ in Texas

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  1. I’m stuck in south Texas right now. I feel you. I went to High school in Texas. But I moved away and now I’m back I’m giving “No fucks!”. If you ever need support from a friend, and fellow writer feel free to write me.

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  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing what you went through and being so candid. We may have experienced those things in a different manner, but it takes courage to rise above the ignorance without emotionally, mentally, or physically breaking down. You’re inspirational. Many blessings to you and be well!

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